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We operate Monday to Friday during term time, offering a total of 10 sessions per week, plus supervised lunch times. Children can attend any combination of sessions, with supervised lunch or lunch at home if you prefer. Healthy and nutritious snacks are offered each session taking into account individual dietary requirements.

Morning (9 - 11:30am) and afternoon session (12:30 - 3pm)

Registration - Staff welcome the children and explain activities on offer

Free play - The children are free to choose from any of the indoor/ outdoor activities they wish to attend. Continuous areas of provision include sand, water, malleable, creative workshop, music, ICT, early phonics, books, construction, role play, problem solving and numeracy, mark making and small world.

Snack - The setting holds the Cute Fruit Plus award therefore a range of healthy foods are offered for snack. Children are encouraged to access this area independently.

Singing/ Early phonics/ Discussion time - An opportunity to talk about their own experiences, sing songs, differentiate sounds and become involved in speaking and listening activities.

Story time - A range of books including factual and fiction are read at this time followed by discussions regarding the story to give a deeper understanding.

Supervised Lunch 11:30 – 12:30pm

To help develop social and communication skills in addition to easing transition to school, children sit together to eat a packed lunch, provided by parents, in the school hall.

What our Parents are saying

This is a lovely Nursery School in a lovely village location. My Son has built his confidence attending this Nursery and developed his learning.

Anonymous, Parent

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